Dueling Maples is a specialty sawmill and lumber drying facility producing high quality hardwood lumber and slabs in Glenside, PA, just 10 miles north of Philadelphia. We have been milling and drying hardwoods since 2015.

Our mission is to produce small quantities of very high quality hardwood lumber for the wood worker, furniture maker, cabinet builder, and craftsmen who do not have an affordable or convenient source for hardwood lumber, unique slabs and hardwoods.

Dueling Maple’s lumber and live edge slabs are all sourced from local timber. The majority of our logs are salvaged from tree services and waste dumps where this wood was destined to be turned into wood chips, pulp or burned.

We are enamored with the beauty of natural wood in its many forms & species. We are also keenly aware of its limited resources and our need to protect it so future generations can follow in our appreciation of it, as our fathers have done so for us.

The Dueling Maples
Greg, Ryan & Paul